Laundry Jet Eco

Laundry Jet Eco 2019

White wall mounted Laundry Jet Eco unit for the laundry/utility room. LJ Eco can handle up to 4 ports, perfect for a smaller family home or for those who only need a maximum of four connected ports.

Laundry Jet Eco Front

Laundry Jet Eco is the perfect solution for smaller families using ports for smaller quantities of dirty laundry in any one cycle.

LJ Eco in laundry room rendering

Laundry Jet Eco has no clothing sensor but the port can be left un attended as it auto closes after a 18 second cycle , or cycled again with more dirty clothing.

Laundry Jet Pro

1 laundry room 300 x 300

Laundry Jet Pro can handle up to 6 ports with the furthest being up to 150 linear feet from the Laundry Room. Standard 110 US Plug or 220/240v International.

Laundry Jet Product Photo

Stylish wall mounted Laundry Jet Pro adds class and technology to any laundry room , and comes with a handy view port and large capacity for the larger home.

Laundry Jet pro 2019

Laundry Jet Pro is the perfect solution for the medium to large sized house with its capacity for multiple heavy items in one cycle like jeans, bedsheets and even damp towels.

Laundry Jet Plus – for inside a cabinet

Laundry Jet Product Photo

Laundry Jet Plus is built to be inserted into a cabinet you choose, to fit in with your Laundry Room design style and finish. With the largest capacity in the range this is our ultimate Residential Laundry Jet.


Laundry Jet Plus is the largest residential Laundry Jet in the range and is perfect for larger homes as it can handle up to 8 ports in different rooms. The Plus vents back upwards to the attic for the quietest laundry Jet experience.

Laundry Jet Product Photo

Laundry Jet Plus has the capacity to handle transporting dirty clothing as from a port as far away as 200 linear feet even with 8 total ports in the system. It has the largest capacity of our range and can handle multiple jeans, bedsheets, damp towels and more in 1 cycle.


Laundry Jet Product Photo

White Flip Port with blue LED metal start button, manual start, auto close and cable connection.

Laundry Jet Product Photo

Standard white LJ Wave Port. Hands free, low profile lux metal finish. Auto open with motion sensor, auto close.


Both Wave and Flip Port can be ordered in custom colors for a premium.

Parts & Accessories

Laundry Jet

Custom Port 90. Ninety degree port connector fitting available vertical left , right or down direction. Needed for both Flip and Wave Port installations. Buy with port 90 mount bracket for easy installation

Port 90 Bracket

Port 90 Bracket. Designed to work between any sized studs to line up the Port 90 fitting correctly prior to sheet rock.

Laundry Jet Product Photo

Return unit to receive clean and dry clothes back to a chosen bedroom or closet from the laundry room. capacity of a standard drier, manual empty, view ports . piping connects in to the main laundry jet pipe installation so requires no power.