The Laundry Jet installation comprises of four main elements:

  • The installation of the PVC pipe and fittings that connect the laundry chute ports to the laundry room through the building,
  • The installation of 12V cabling along the pipe between each port and LJ Unit location
  • The installation of single or multiple Laundry Jet Ports mounted in rooms where the laundry is to be sent from
  • The installation of the laundry room receiving power unit either the LJ Eco, LJ Pro or LJ Plus which run off standard power outlets and voltage
  • The installation of the optional Laundry Return Unit in one receiving room of your choice .

Vacuum Laundry Pipe

Laundry Jet specifies white 6” (6.25″ – 159mm) SDR rigid PVC vacuum pipe and fittings .

PVC SDR piping is designed to have a smooth transition in between fittings and connections which ensures that clothing, bedding, jeans and towels will travel smoothly to the laundry room. Any cut pipe must be sanded and rendered completely smooth at the cut points to eliminate burrs that could catch clothing. All joints must be glued and sweep connectors rather than tight angle connectors must be used. To comply with warranty terms and conditions Installation must only be completed by certified contractors who have completed the online laundry jet installation course.

Vacuum Pipe & Fittings

Six Inch white vacuum pipe 10′ x 6”
Six Inch 45 Fitting

Six inch long (sweep) 90 fitting
Six Inch Y Fitting

Port 90 custom fitting

Clean Out Cap

Laundry Jet systems can be designed for almost any project by adding additional ports and or additional Laundry Jet appliances.

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