The Laundry Jet installation comprises of three elements:


  • Laundry Jet Ports mounted in bedrooms, dressing rooms or bathrooms
  • The laundry room LJ-Eco or Pro, Wall mounted jet packs or the LJ Plus Cabinet insert Unit
  • The PVC pipe and fittings that connect the laundry chute ports to the laundry room through the attic space

Vacuum Laundry Pipe


Laundry Jet specifies 6” 6.25″ – 159mm) SDR35 rigid PVC vacuum pipe and fittings to our customers . When the Laundry Jet is in use it creates a strong airflow that needs a strongly rated pipe.

PVC vacuum piping is designed to have a smooth transition in between fittings and connections which ensures that clothing, bedding, jeans and towels will travel smoothly to the laundry room.

Vacuum Pipe & Fittings


Six Inch white vacuum pipe 10′ x 6”
Six Inch 45 Fitting

Six inch long (sweep) 90 fitting
Six Inch Y Fitting

Port 90 custom fitting

Clean Out Cap

Laundry Jet systems can be designed for almost any sized home from 1 to 20+ bedrooms/ bathrooms/closets by adding additional ports and or additional Laundry Jet appliances.

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laundry shoot installation
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