Laundry Jet – Frequently Asked Questions  


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Q- What if my kids jam toys, or shoes into the Laundry Jet ports in their rooms?

A –  Laundry Jet ports can be installed at any height to restrict access from very small children that might misuse the ports and we recommend 48 “. In addition the system is designed so that in the case that a toy or other item is stuck into the port it must always pass through a hard 90 degree vertical turn + incline to enter the system. Dense items do not have enough surface area to pass through the system and will simply remain at the entrance and the system will shut down until the item is removed. All other items that pass through the initial port and will simply move through the system and will be delivered to the laundry room. As with any appliance, you must always follow proper instructions and procedures when operating the Laundry Jet.

Q. Should I install in the landing between some rooms or in each bedroom?

A. You can install in a central place but that will mean you may still need laundry baskets in the bedrooms, or you may find people naturally moving to start undressing in the hall beside the port ! It’s personal preference but we do urge people to consider the total convenience that can be offered with a port everywhere that occupants undress and totally removing the laundry baskets altogether.

Q. Is the suction safe for very small children if they put their hands in the ports?

A. First of all there is not enough suction to pull even a cell phone into the port never mind the arm of a small child  It is totally optimized for clothing only which is high surface area and a low weight/ volume/ mass ratio. People are always putting their hands into the port and amazed at how little “suction” there seems to be yet the clothes fly through no problem.

Secondly right after the Port is a 90 degree turn making it very difficult to put an arm in very far.

Thirdly, as in the comments above we advise ports are mounted 48” or above on the wall (unless for wheel chair bound or very small adult use) so reachable by slightly older kids rather than toddlers. Sure they can stand on a chair and try and use it but the other features make it safe.

Fourthly if you use the lower cost manual open flip port v young kids won’t be easily able to work out the lift and push button procedure to start the system.

Q- How do I get 6″ pipe in my 4″ walls?

A – This is the most common misconception we encounter regarding the installation. Laundry Jet uses 6.25″ (159mm) SDR35 pipe and most standard walls are 4inch. The most common installation puts Ports in the bedroom on the closet wall with a clear piece of pipe running up into the attic in the actual closet, or a chase or box. For multiple floors or where there is no closet or attic space the pipe is generally boxed in to a chase that hides it. On new construction developments the pipe paths can easily be designed into the build. The main pipe run is always in the attic or the crawl space

Q- My house is already built. Can the Laundry Jet be retrofitted into an existing home?

A- Retrofitting the laundry jet into an existing home is a straightforward process.  All transport lines are run through the open attic and then drop into existing closet space or into suitable existing subwalls. See installation instructions for more information.

Q- I have a one story home.  Can Laundry Jet still work for me ?

A-  Laundry Jet was first invented with single story homes in mind as without a second floor you can’t use gravity as is used in a traditional laundry chute! As it uses powerful airflow Laundry Jet can move clothes up down and around over large distances. So even if you have your Laundry room on the same floor as your bedrooms or bathrooms, or on the 10th floor of your hotel, or in your basement, or on the top floor of your multi level home, Laundry Jet will transport your items, no problem.

Q- I want to install laundry Jet in an assisted living home or hotel. Does it only work for residential, individual or family homes?

A- Laundry Jet commercial units are designed to handle heavy duty applications. These systems allow the transport of laundry over long distances (1000 feet) as well as the ability to incorporate multiple Jet Pack devices for delivery to various laundry processing locations as needed for multiple large numbers of separate rooms. Contact us at : sales@laundry-jet.com to discuss commercial installation requirements for your powered laundry chute.

Q- My home has multiple floors. Can we still install the Laundry Jet?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet can work with multi and single story homes no matter the floor location of the laundry room. Laundry can be transported up to 200 feet to the laundry room in almost any configuration for easy port access.

Q- What happens if my clothing does actually gets stuck in the laundry system?

A- The laundry jet system is designed to keep items that will not pass through the entire system from successfully entering the system at the ports. If an item does get caught it simply restricts the suction in the system to any port located behind the blockage. Because of this it is easy to locate and remove blockages if one does occur. Blockages can be removed by snaking the system from the nearest port. (simple standard pipe unblocking snake device is available at time of purchase) However in 99 percent of the cases blockages can be cleared more easily by providing back pressure to the nearest port while the system is engaged, doubling the directional push force. (Port blower is also available at the time of purchase). As mentioned before this is very unlikely as proven by our 6 years in field testing but takes only minutes to clear if it does occur.Finally there is a “clear out cap” on the last “Y” connector (t the port furthest from the laundry room to allow a clear out without accessing the port if its necessary.

Q- If I want to, how do I clean my Laundry Jet System ?

As the system is for transporting already dirty clothing they should all be getting washed on the other side. However for an instance where something badly soiled smears the inside of the pipe the regular cleaning method of running a 6” foam ball wrapped in a simple Clorex wipe through the system a few times from each port is the standard cleaning practice. Or you can spray a towel with a cleaning solution and running it through the system multiple times.You can snake the system also with other accessories and there is access from the first wye fitting through a clean out port for more extensive cleaning.

Q- My laundry room is upstairs and my bedrooms are downstairs. Can Laundry Jet send clothing upwards?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet can send clothing up, sideways and down from multiple locations as it does not require GRAVITY.

Q- How many laundry ports can we install?

A- The Eco Laundry Jet unit has the option of up to 3 ports. The Laundry Jet Pro has the option of up to 6 ports and the top of the range Laundry Jet Plus can handle up to 8 ports.

Q- I’m afraid that my kids will put toys in the laundry port. Will Laundry Jet suck up the toys?

A- The system is designed so that in the case that a toy or other item is stuck into the port it must always pass through a hard turn + incline to enter the system. Dense items do not have enough surface area to pass through the system and will simply remain at the entrance and the system will shut down until the item is removed.

Q- Will the Laundry Jet consume a lot of electricity?

A- No. Once the system detects no further items after 10-17 seconds (depends on length from furthest port to the laundry room) it will automatically shut down. In normal use the Laundry Jet will just be taking a few items at a time as you discard them so will never be running for extended periods.

Q- Can I send laundry back to my room with the Laundry Jet?

A- Yes, Please contact us for ur soon to be released loop return system.

Q- Can the Laundry Jet separate dark and light clothing?

A- No, Not yet.

Q- My laundry room is in my garage. Can I install the Laundry Jet in the garage?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet can be installed where ever you do your laundry as long as there is access and a power outlet.

Q- My home has a slab foundation. Can I install the Laundry Jet?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet trunk lines all run through the attic space and don’t require any foundation work to install.

Q- Does the Laundry Jet make a lot of noise?

A- The Laundry Jet wall mounted unit will make some wind noise when in use, (approx. 77 dcbls) similar to a vacuum cleaner, but you can vent the diffuser on the side of the unit outside or back up to the attic to reduce noise if needs be. The standard jet pack has an air diffuser to reduce wind and noise. The Laundry Jet ports do not make any significant noise in the bedrooms.

Q- Can I choose the color of my Laundry Jet?

A- Yes. Our laundry ports come in two colors: white and black

Q- Can I install the Laundry Jet myself?

A- Yes, this product was designed with medium experience to advanced DIY’ers in mind. We even have a 90 minute online course for all installers so they can become “certified” which includes video, manuals and an exam.

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