Deluxe Laundry

Deluxe Laundry

Top laundry decorating ideas.

We all have to do chores, so we think if you have to do your washing, drying, ironing and storage of your laundry, well, you should at least do it in style! We are constantly reviewing and assessing laundry rooms and storage ideas, so we thought we would share with you some fabulous ideas that we’ve uncovered along the way.

Laundry storage shelves

You don’t have to bundle and hide your laundry away any longer. Customise your laundry room with some nifty shelves and storage baskets so that you can stack and partition you various towels, bedding, underwear etc into handy and neat compartments. This way it tidies everything up and gives your laundry room a look and feel of organisation and style.

Storage shelves


Make your laundry room pop

We can’t make laundry fun or pretty but how about making your laundry room pop with colour and make it its’ own glamorous room? Want to go for powder pink? Vintage? Monochrome? Traditional? There are lots of beautiful and stylish ideas to make this room a much prettier place to be.

Chic laundry room ideas


Utility room peg bag

If we are going to hang washing out we need pegs, so let’s accessorise! Pegs might not be pretty but instead we can find a pretty peg bag to hold them in. No longer will the unruly peg by an eye sore to our laundry rooms floors and benches, now we can have a peg bag to match our design, and which hangs neatly on a laundry room door handle.


Ironing boards

We feel the same about ironing boards. No more threadbare, slightly scorched ironing board covers for us. Once you decide on your colour scheme or laundry room theme, it’s very easy to get your very boring ironing board to look the part. With a bit of inspiration and thought you can have a very cool and funky cover to accompany your new favourite room in the house.

Funky ironing board cover