Laundry Jet Awards

Already in 2017 we have picked up 2 prestigious awards and a final placement for Home Technology Product of the Year at the NAHB annual International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida, as well as winning the vacuum dealer trade association’s “Best new central Vacuum Product” in Las Vegas earlier this year.


Laundry Jet wins Best Product at VDTA 2017

Finalists in IBS Home Tech Product of the Year

Finally there is a powered alternative to the centuries old traditional laundry chute that relied solely on gravity, and now we have freed up designers and architects to locate the laundry room and delivery ports anywhere in the home or building. The unique patented design is powerful enough to transport sheets, blankets, jeans, clothing and even damp towels from bathrooms, bedrooms, and anywhere you chose all the way to the laundry room.

New build home plan , laundry chute flexibility

Locate your laundry room wherever you want and connect up to 6 rooms to your Laundry Jet system

Unlike traditional laundry chutes, Laundry Jet works perfectly for single story and multi story homes without the need for gravity. Available in 2 differing styles , a wall mounted unit and a unit that fits perfectly inside your custom cabinet the Laundry Jet system will save you ever having to perform this endlessly repetitive daily chore and also remove the need for Laundry baskets completely.

Wall mounted Laundry Jet unit

Cabinet insert version of the Laundry Jet